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With Dab you get paid and finalize

Dab is a Territorial Exclusive Business tool that lays its foundations on GREEN Economy, GREEN Marketing and Environmental Ethics. A tool for engaging people to take environmental action and save money.
A simple gesture that keeps consumers coming back to the shop and raises awareness in entire communities. This action creates a guaranteed increase in visibility, delivery and sales.
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Lorenzo Guglielmetti

CEO & Founder

" Reduce all the matter that enters the system, maximize the use value and lifespan of products and reduce as much as possible harmful waste, from emissions into the atmosphere to plastics that can be abandoned in the environment, creating jobs and innovation. "

Our Products


H24 Outdoor Self-Service Bulk Biomass Vending Machine for…

Dab & Was

Dab + Natural and sparkling water dispenser…

Water Office

Self-service water dispenser for offices, schools, public and ...

Dab Dual Solution

Great news soon. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

Great news soon. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

Great news soon. Stay tuned!
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Why choose Dab?

  • How to purchase
    We will give you all the necessary support for the purchase by leasing, operating rental, direct financing or Artigiancassa.
  • Territorial exclusivity
    For each installation we offer a territorial exclusivity that guarantees an operation without competitors.
  • Installation areas
    You can install the Dab in a private or public area or choose among 1500 locations affiliated with us (Fuel Service Stations, GDO).
  • Dedicated Proprietary Software
    Real Time control and management of the supplier and all related remote functions.
  • iOS & Android App
    Home delivery, catalogue, promotions, assistance and much more, all enclosed in a single free app.

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    A new Dab service dedicated to the owner and to the final customer.
    Home delivery, catalogue, promotions, assistance and much more.


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